8.30am — Hearty Breakfast

Our local cafes will serve up some tasty goodness to fuel today’s adventures.

9.30am — Mount Beauty Gorge Walk

This is a great little walk, and just 6km return. Venture out to a scenic gorge and perhaps even take a dip.

12.00pm — Lunchtime

Nice views and a range of lunch fare are to be found at the venues throughout Tawonga South and Mount Beauty.

1.30pm — Fainter Falls

We can’t plan you a nature itinerary without adding in the beautiful Fainter Falls, just a 700m walk in from the road.

3.30pm — Wallaces & Cope Huts, Falls Creek

Continue on to Falls Creek and enjoy a 6km return alpine walk on the Wallaces Heritage Trail in summer, or snowshoe in winter.

5.00pm — Bogong Village

On the return drive, stop in at Bogong Village and go for a short walk around Lake Guy. This is one absolutely stunning spot in Autumn.

6.30pm — Dinner Out

Some mouth-watering restaurants open their doors of an evening, so treat yourself to something delicious in Mount Beauty or Tawonga South, or head back to Bright to settle in for the night.

7.00am — Bakery Goodness

Open early, grab a bite to eat at the bakery. Make sure you’ve packed food and water for the day.

8.00am — Mount Bogong Summit

This is a hard full-day hike that will take you right to the summit of Victoria’s highest mountain – Mount Bogong – via the Staircase or Eskdale Spur. Good fitness is required. In winter, or for a more moderate day, explore the numerous walking trails around the base of the mountain at Mountain Creek and Shady Gully.

12.00pm — Picnic Lunch

Pause either at the summit of Mount Bogong – known as Warkwoolowler in the local Dhudhuroa language, meaning place where the people collect the bogong moth – or on one of your scenic walks and enjoy your pre-packed picnic lunch.

6.00pm — Dinnertime

You’ll be famished, so finish the day with a hearty pub meal at the local haunt.