We invite you to TAKE A MIDWEEK BREAK and relax! Take this time to stay in bed, read a book, check out beautiful Bright and surrounds, cycle, catch a fish, go for a walk, or just be still. Whatever you choose, make sure to unplug and enjoy the moment!

  1. 💵 What’s better than saving time? Saving money.
    Escape with your mates while taking advantage of off-peak season prices during the week. Cheaper rates might mean you can afford to visit us more often – now that’s a great idea!
  2. 🚦⚠️🐌👋 Traffic Alert!
    What’s one of the best parts about taking a mid-week break? Enjoying the roads during the weekdays without the holiday traffic blues.
  1. 😩⛷️ Weekday Wisdom – Avoid the queues with a midweek break.
    Weekdays are the best for having the attractions to ourselves! No queues, no crowds, and often special discounts mid-week. 🤩 Who’s taking advantage of this today?!
  2. Be the envy of all your mates! 🤣📸🤳🏻
    Feeling a bit of mid-week wanderlust? Don’t just wish you were somewhere else – make it happen! It’s easy to break away and experience something new during the week – and you’ll be the one inspiring #wanderlust in your friends via Facebook stories! #travel #goexplore #beatmidweekblues
  3. 🪫🔋⚡️ Break the week up with a sneaky escape!
    Escape the Monday-to-Friday grind and take a mid-week break! Enjoy the scenery and get your energy back – it’s the perfect way to start the week off right and keep the weekend vibes going! #WeeklyEscape #MidWeekBreak #RechargeYourWeekend

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